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Find help from a bankruptcy attorney in Canby, OR

Bankruptcy might seem like a disaster, but it can be the key to getting control of your finances. A bankruptcy attorney in Canby, Oregon can help you understand the process and the results of filing for consumer bankruptcy, as well as your eligibility.

We understand that you're in a difficult financial situation, which is why we offer competitive pricing on our consumer bankruptcy services. Arrange for a free initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney today.

When to consult with a family attorney

Whether you're in the middle of a painful separation or you're blending two families together, a family attorney from Lawrence A. Castle Attorney at Law can help.

Turn to an experienced divorce attorney for help dividing assets, creating custody arrangements and negotiating child and spousal support agreements. Contact a family attorney in Canby, OR by calling 503-266-9922 today.

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What information do you need to create a will?

Make the most of your estate planning consultation by arriving prepared. You should show your wills attorney:

  • Your financial information, including bank accounts, retirement funds and insurance policies.
  • Legal names of and contact information for your beneficiaries, whether they're relatives or organizations.
  • Information about the type of funeral arrangements you want, including burial plots.

A wills attorney can draft a will that includes all of this information in a legal format.