Protect Your Family When You're Gone

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Who will take care of your children if you're not here? How will your family pay for your end-of-life expenses? If these questions are keeping you up at night, talk to a wills attorney from Lawrence A. Castle Attorney at Law.

Together, we'll create a plan to make sure your family is provided for, no matter what happens. For help creating a will in the Canby, OR area, call 503-266-9922 now.

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Creating a will doesn't need to be a trial

It's easy to believe only the very wealthy need to think about estate planning. In reality, you need a will if:

  • You're married: Marriage doesn't guarantee your spouse will inherit your estate, but your spouse can prevent other beneficiaries from inheriting.
  • You have children: Protect your children by setting up guardianships for them should you and your spouse pass away suddenly.
  • You own a business: This includes sole proprietorships. If your business isn't in your will, your family may not receive anything from it.

Thankfully, Lawrence A. Castle Attorney at Law makes creating a will easy.

Set up an estate planning appointment with an established wills attorney in Canby, Oregon today.